Why Shop Local?

10 reasons to support local businesses


1. The majority of Nova Scotians are employed by small businesses

By supporting local, small businesses you are helping to ensure that this economic engine of our province continues to thrive. Dollars spent locally support existing jobs as well as facilitate new opportunities for family, friends, and neighbours.

Over 74% of Nova Scotians are employed by small businesses!


2. Local businesses recirculate more $$ in the local economy

Money spent with local businesses is more likely to be re-invested in the local economy. Your dollars spent at local businesses will recirculate and continue to benefit other local businesses and the wider community. Supporting local businesses also helps to retain and create job opportunities – when you spend local you benefit local!

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3. Independent businesses donate more to local organizations

Many community organizations rely on donations from local businesses. From your child’s soccer team to the local animal shelter, these non-profits and community organizations often rely heavily on the generosity of local businesses. Choosing to support local ensures these integral aspects of our communities can continue to thrive and receive the support they need.

Small businesses donate up to 24 times more per dollar of revenue to local charities than multinationals.

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4. Local businesses generally deliver better customer service

Business owners and their staff are more attuned to the fact that customer service is everything, and therefore you’ll often receive better service from them! Not only are you treated better, but local businesses tend to be experts on what they are selling.

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5. Shopping local strengthens community connections

There is something immensely powerful and rewarding about knowing the people behind the local businesses you support and them knowing you. Choosing to shop local allows us to build relationships with other community members. This strengthens community bonds and helps make our communities safer, stronger, and more resilient.

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6. The environment also wins when you shop local

When it comes to making more eco-friendly shopping decisions, keeping your shopping as local as possible is a great choice! Cutting down on transportation time and distances for products is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of your shopping choices.

Many local shops also tend to be in areas that are more accessible by foot, bike, or public transport. Visiting a local shop might be easier to do without a car, and less reliance on cars means a reduction in your carbon footprint.

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7. Looking for more unique product options – think local

If you are someone who is always on the hunt for more unique products, then shopping local is your best bet! Many local shops carry niche and unique products that may not be easy to find at larger, chain retailers. Plus, they know they must stand behind those products, so quality is also an important factor.

Local shops generally carry a wider selection of locally made products!

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8. Community character is something YOU help build

All communities have “character” – the little quirks or things that make them different. Local businesses are typically the backbone of a community’s character. Not only does maintaining unique character appeal to community members, but it also makes your community more appealing to potential tourists or shoppers from other areas!

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9. Shopping local encourages entrepreneurship

Helping local businesses succeed can inspire others to start their own local businesses! Filling in product and service gaps which might be missing from the local marketplace. The more we have to offer locally the more attractive our communities become to both residents and visitors. More jobs are created and the cycle continues!

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10. Locally made and locally available = a perfect match

From creative artists and artisans, to bakers, and craftspeople, we are home to a wide ranging “maker” community. Browsing our directory is a great way to discover these talented individuals and small businesses. Buying locally made products from local businesses is the best of both worlds.