Uprooted Market & Cafe

Uprooted Market & Café just celebrated its fifth anniversary! Uprooted is focused on improving the accessibility of locally grown and locally produced goods to residents and visitors of Nova Scotia’s beautiful Eastern Shore. Their goal is to provide Musquodoboit Harbour with healthy, seasonal and local food options as well as create a community hub where residents and visitors can share ideas and strengthen the community.

Uprooted quickly became a popular spot with locals and visitors alike, offering delicious local sandwiches, salads, and soups, fresh coffee, and an abundance of local produce. It’s a popular spot for small organizations and freelancers to meet or grab coffee with a client, and many families with small children enjoy a game of tic tac toe at the large central table.

Owner Emma Murphy grew up in the village, attended Dalhousie, and developed a passion for supporting sustainable agriculture. She soon identified the need for a local market and community hub, right here in Musquodoboit Harbour. A place where friends could meet for coffee, where residents could bump into a neighbour they hadn’t seen in weeks, and a place where visitors could stop and marvel at the beauty of this community.Learn more about Uprooted and what they offer, here: https://www.uprootedmarketcafe.ca/

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