MusGo Rider Cooperative

MusGo Rider Cooperative Ltd is more than just a business on the Eastern Shore. They are a non-profit charity whose aim is to provide transportation that their clients can count on at a reasonable cost, combatting rural isolation for those without any other means of getting where they need to go. “The goal of MusGo Rider is to provide a safe, affordable and dependable transportation solution to improve the quality of life of our residents while contributing to our vision of a “green” community.”

The physical office of MusGo Rider is located in Porter’s Lake, but they serve a large area of the Eastern Shore – from Ship Harbour to East Preston. They also have a second organizational branch that serves Musquodoboit Valley to Sheet Harbour. Clients can book “door-to-door” service to get from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’, or reserve a vehicle for a period of time to transport guests of their special event like a wedding or Christmas party.

The MusGo Rider fleet started in 2012 with just a single vehicle. They now count among their fleet nine vehicles, four of which are wheelchair accessible, one of which is a hybrid, and one of which is fully electric. In fact, they are the very first organization to use an electric vehicle to deliver rural transportation in Nova Scotia! MusGo employs 7 full-time and 3 part-time drivers and administrative staff.

While the main mission of MusGo Rider is the provision of transportation within our family of communities – which was identified as the #2 priority in an HRM visioning plan developed by the residents of Musquodoboit Harbour – they also provide community outreach in a number of additional ways. They offer a Fare Assistance Program for low-income seniors and families, they rent office space to other organizations to create a “community hub”, and they assist people in need to connect with other helpful services such as local food banks and funding supports for continued independent living. In their own words: “MusGo Rider is always seeking ways to better serve our community.”

To book a trip with MusGo Rider Cooperative or to learn more about their organization, you can visit their website at

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