Jeddore Variety

If you need something, from duct tape to new knitting needles, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at Jeddore Variety (affectionately referred to as ‘Paul’s’ by many of us here in the Harbour).

Owner Paul Wolfe has deep roots in the community, and when you experience the warm, friendly, family atmosphere of Jeddore Variety, it’s clear why Paul and his family have been successful. Paul’s wife Bonita runs the ever popular Bonita’s Kitchen, just a few doors down from the shop, where the same ‘down home’ hospitality can be expected. Paul is known for his easy generosity when it comes to supporting local community organizations, just another testament to his community spirit.

We’d say ‘ stop in’ but chances are you’ll find yourself there at some point soon for something anyway! Instead, we’ll simply ask that you continue to shop local, knowing that your support of local businesses like Jeddore Variety keeps your money in our community, supporting the success of so many of our hard working entrepreneurs.

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